Brooke Hatton

Computer Science Student
University of York

Hello World

I am a third-year Computer Science student at the University of York, currently on a industrial placement at Morgan Stanley, where I am expanding on my experience in Java server side development and building user interfaces with Angular and Typescript. I am extremely passionate about user experience and design, constantly looking for ways to improve the products that I make.

As a child, I was always taking things apart to understand how they work and as I have gotten older this hasn't changed, although, things usually work when I put them back together now. I am passionate and committed to my work, I enjoy seeing a problem through and working out a solution. Above all, I enjoy working in a team that is creative and enthusiastic about tasks and in which we all have our own individual strengths. I enjoy and excel in taking the time to sculpt an idea considering the users at every stage of the process.

Newark and Retford Toys

East Midlands Toy Company asked me to design a simple site that would display basic contact details and maps to their customers for both their Neward and Retford branches. This site was built in 2014 intended to be a bridge to fill the gap before an online store was made available.

  • Responsive design
  • One click call, email and Directions on most modern smartphones
  • Compatible with all modern browsers
Website links: Retford Newark

East Midlands Toy Company - Sales sheet

During my time as a sales assistant at their Melton Mowbray branch, I noticed that to record the sales of each store at the end of they day, they would write the information down on a sheet of paper and then at the end of each month, someone would go through that months worth of paper documents and type it into an excel spreadsheet.

This had lots of room for human error. It was also very time consuming; having to manually calculate parts of the information write it down and then have someone digitize it. Working with the company I designed and created a online system that would allow them to digitally enter the sales for each store at the end of each day and run reports on this data.

Days Until (Chrome Packaged App)

A simple app that allows you to have a list of events and time until that event. Keep track of your busy life, This app allows you to note down events and activities and countdown the days until the event. Super simple but effective.

The list of features include:
  • Multiple List support
  • Ordering of Events, both manually and automatically
  • Editing of current event names